Shopping Day With Papyrus

I’m having more Papyrus sightings than I can keep up with! It’s amazing how much there is! I found another site, Papyrus Watch, is doing the same thing, but they accept submissions from everywhere. I’m going to continue my project, as it is just about the Papyrus I encounter in my everyday life.

Today, we go shopping with Papyrus.

This is my absolute favorite picture so far. It’s a perfect example of my Papyrus is not right for your business. What do greetings and gifts have in common with dentistry? Find a unique font that says something about your business! Hire a designer, and don’t just pick the first “unique” font off your default font list!
Next, I wander in to Bales. I see a wide variety of food here, but none of it screams “Ancient Egypt” to me.

I’m not sure who supplied the matching sign…
Sorry for the bad quality. This was hanging on the ceiling. I searched for the actual wine bottles, but found none. Went out of business for using Papyrus? I kid, but check out the Stag Hollow and Spindrift logos. I always admire the unique designs on wine bottles, so it’s baffling that someone would use Papyrus.

My roommate picked this up. The brand logo is not in Papyrus, but obviously Papyrus perfectly describes green tea!

I stand corrected. Trader Joe’s also feels that Papyrus perfectly describes green tea!

We carry these at work. I guess people think Papyrus has an Asian feel? As also seen with the green tea…


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