Learning WordPress

The time has come again for a change. I want to move off Blogger and fully integrate my blog into my portfolio. Unfortunately, it seems the only real way to do that is to learn to create WordPress themes.

This is a whole new ballgame for me. I know limited HTML and CSS through working with DreamWeaver. But the biggest problem is I’m still stuck in the table era. A professional designer once commented that he was surprised I used tables, as most people my age never did. Well, that’s because I started designing websites when I was about 12, when tables were all the rage! At some point I did learn about divs, but to me those were boxes you floated inside the tables so you could have scrolling content. So trying to think outside of tables is a challenge. Personally, I’m still not so sure what’s so wrong with them. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Anyway, I’m using this tutorial. It’s very basic; a little too basic since I do have an understanding of code. But since I know nothing about WordPress, it’s great.

Here is what my new layout will eventually look like.


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