Snow Day!

In Oregon, snow is pretty rare. I’ve always loved snow, so it was kind of exciting to wake up to a blanket of snow. Of course, being Oregon, it’s not so bad that the roads aren’t clear. By the time I ventured out to walk to the store, it had mostly melted; but I managed to take this photo of a secluded area.

It’s interesting to note that my enjoyment level of snow has changed a bit since I was a child. Snow always meant school was closed and the day could be spent building snow forts. Now I have a more adult perspective on snow. Working at a hospital, the world doesn’t stop because of snow. Instead, my higher-elevation co-workers call in and I am called instead.

When Nick and I traveled to Paris, it snowed the morning of our return flight. My first reaction was joy, quickly replaced by fear that our flight would be canceled. While we had joked about getting stuck in Paris before we left, in reality, work would not be pleased. Another adult problem with snow. In fact, our flight was almost canceled, but that’s a story for another time.

Last month we also had ice, but no snow. Ice is a problem of its own. Tonight, Disney movie night has been canceled because of snow/ice (What was I saying about being an adult?). I took this photo of MacDo’s fountain encased in ice, another rare sight for Oregon! I enjoy that there is also a plamtree in the background.

Regardless of adult problems it causes, I still love the quiet beauty of snow. I just wish I could still have snow days.


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