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November 23, 2009

I changed it again…dunno if it’s better or what.



November 20, 2009

Kitty. 🙂

Bunny. I’m thinking of doing all blue backgrounds, and getting rid of the captions and see how that looks.


November 18, 2009

Working on some adorable animals…possibly to be paired with delicious food posters? These poster designs aren’t set.

My Little Deer

November 18, 2009

My Little Deer! A better personal deer, I think.

The New Valentine

November 16, 2009

…that would have been a better title for the poster maybe? OH WELL IT’S DONE.


November 9, 2009

Luminous Deer antler design. I like it with just the left antler, but I wanted to see how it looked with both.

Response 6

November 9, 2009

Alessi is an apparently very famous Italian design company that I had not previously heard of. This is unfortunate because their products are very unique. They have a toy-like quality, but are much more well designed and solid-looking than cheap children’s toys.

This article, Italian Style, focuses on Alberto Alessi. Alberto says that he studied law as a compromise for economics and architecture. This seemed odd, as I don’t see any connection between law and architecture. Especially at UO, where architecture is part of the allied arts, completely separate from the law school. But according to the article, he ended up in design development, which has an architectural slant. The article says that Alberto is producing wine, which will be a new Alessi product. This sounds strange, as the Alessi brand currently focuses on only home and office items and accessories. Turning towards drinkable products seems like a strange addition. Of course, Alessi does feature many elegantly designed wine glasses and decanters, so they could be marketed together. I could not find Alberto Alessi on the Alessi site list of designers, but the photographs in the article show products that look very whimsical. The smiling white object especially looks like some sort of toy.

I noticed that Ettore Sottsass is on the list of Alessi designers. I was surprised to see his name because he created the Valentine Typewriter, which I am remixing. Sottsass produced a very sleek sugar bowl for Alessi, since it was customary for designers to make things for tea service. One item that looks particularly toy-like is his “salt grinder.” It is made of polished, colored beech-wood with perfect, shiny curves. The shiny, red, black, and yellow wood evokes the feeling of an old fashioned toy. This agrees with my personal research on Sottsass, who tries to use playfulness in his work. Sottsass also believes a product should appeal to the senses, not the intellect.

The home page caught my eye with a new Alessi line, the Banana Family by Stefano Giovannoni, in collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. While Taiwain does not generally make me think of monkeys, these monkeys definitely evoke an Asian feel with their anime-esqe squinty eyes and tasseled hats. These Banana monkeys have been made into every product imaginable: place markers, spice holders, caps, salt and pepper shakers, egg cups, napkin rings, bowls, and toothpick holders, to name a few. These monkeys are the most playful and toy-like of all Alessi products. But the interesting part is that they are all fully functional, so a child could enjoy playing with an object that adults also get use out of. My favorite was the Banana Bros salt and pepper set, because these two cheerful monkeys are riding in a banana. This would make a great centerpiece, as well as getting rid of ugly salt and pepper shakers. However, having a kitchen full of banana monkeys seems a bit excessive.

Another playful product that is not in the Taiwan collaboration line is Pirovano Stefano’s Canaglia nail clipper. It looks like a small animal who trims nails with its mouth. The animal has no face, which is slightly creepy. I also found a Merdolino Toilet brush, which is hilarious. The handle of the brush looks like a very simplified plant. It is stored in a blue pot. This is the perfect solution to beautifying a bathroom and getting rid of an ugly toilet brush. There is also a bathtub plug aptly named Mr. Suicide. A small drowning man is attached to the plug. These products are both humorous and functional.

I enjoyed discovering Alessi because their products are so fun and playful. Unfortunately, it gives me the desire to fill my future home with Alessi items, which are quite expensive.

Luminous Deer

November 2, 2009

My luminous deer. 🙂 This would probably be hard to vinyl cut, but I like it better with a glow.

Also, the original text. I want to do the whole alphabet sometime…